Vans BMX Poster by Beatrice Trang

In early March of 2022, I had the opportunity to join Vans on a tour from San Francisco to San Diego, where I got to document the two-week journey for The Bloom BMX and for Vans. To say it was a dream, would be a severe understatement, but since there are no words to really describe how amazing this trip was, I will at least say that the trip was life-changing for me.

A part of my duties, on top of social media, was to also write about the adventures that we had each day. It wasn’t easy, but it was a challenge I happily accepted and it was an experience that pushed my creativity. It wasn’t easy because we never really found time to settle on the trip; each day brought us to a new park, a new hotel every evening, and we would often find ourselves sleeping late and waking up early the next day to repeat the steps. But when inspiration hits me, I’m laser-focused and nose deep into my work. I found myself writing where I could, like at a skatepark, a coffee shop, or on Van’s van, while my muscles were trying to control every bump and lump we drove over. The writing, for the most part, came easily, it flowed out without any effort, like water from a tap.

You would think I’d hit a capacity on that trip, but nope, if you ask, I will try, and that is exactly what happened. About halfway into the trip, I get a message from Andrew, Van’s Global Marketing Manager; he was aware of my work and wanted me to do up a poster for the Vans x The Bloom Jam in Huntington Beach. When it comes to finding inspiration, with the right direction and subject, I can visualize the final product pretty quickly, and it was no different for this poster. Upon the request, I had already envisioned the Vans hip with the sign as the main focus of this poster, and with Angie Marino’s assistance on the words, we were able to finish this poster in a matter of a day.

This poster was shared by Vans, by all of my favorite pros, and every notable figure in BMX and their followers. This poster saw a reach of 4283, 4661 impressions, and 139 shares, but this doesn’t include the shares in which people had their own copy. It was truly a milestone moment to see my sketch come to life and be shared by the masses.

The poster was designed using procreate.